Kitchen Hacks- Top 10


It's a Top 10 Week here at Ashley, Unabashed, or so I realized. It's our first full week back to school and this Mama is having a hard time adjusting to routine. I'm keeping it simple here, as you can see. Top 10's aren't bad, right? I think you get to know a little bit more about a person when you ask them to share their favorite Top 10 stuff- or maybe I'm just making that up. At any rate, … [Read More...]

My Top Ten All Time Favorite Books

Disclosure: The FTC wants me to let you all know right off the rip, that if you click on the book images below in this post, and buy one or some of the books- I will make a few cents off of the sale. Those pennies will go towards  purchasing thread that will allow me to sew my now-crotchless panties back together because I just bought an entire Staples store worth of school supplies for my … [Read More...]

Autopilot Days.


I knew it the moment I realized I was pricing out aesthetically pleasing dry erase boards on to replace a beautiful picture hanging by my front door for the singular purpose of reminding me what I need to get done everyday. I'm running on autopilot. Both of my children are now back to school, and I find myself balancing that ever remarkably exhausting line of being a working woman and … [Read More...]

Nearly September Thoughts.

It's nearly September, and I have not written since June. The Ability to Write: The one "extra-curricular" thing I love most about my life- and I just dropped it like a child who decided they no longer needed their tattered and torn lovey. Poof, just like that. I can honestly say that on the day I stopped writing, I felt as though I no longer needed written words to help me along in this world. … [Read More...]

Is it Really just the Little Things?

I come to you today, not with words of wisdom or major updates on my life, but with a question..... Is it really just the little things in life that count? Do you think enough will ever be enough for the modern woman, or are we always unknowingly striving for more? I feel like I am always subconsciously striving for more, like my soul is restless and it keeps controlling my body working it … [Read More...]