Is it Really just the Little Things?

I come to you today, not with words of wisdom or major updates on my life, but with a question..... Is it really just the little things in life that count? Do you think enough will ever be enough for the modern woman, or are we always unknowingly striving for more? I feel like I am always subconsciously striving for more, like my soul is restless and it keeps controlling my body working it … [Read More...]

Mid Life Date Nights, and Tequila Shots.

We drove to Whole Foods at Dusk, I in my late 30's, he in his mid 40's. We held hands and blew past the people driving on the the right lane of the highway, scoffing at their lackadaisical speeds. The wind blew through our hair while Stevie Nicks medicated us with her smooth voice. We thought of our children, missing them, yet awakened by our time alone. We stole glimpses of one another … [Read More...]

Haters Bring the Traffic…

If you're a long time blogger, you've been there before. You post a piece and someone doesn't agree with you, and in turn your statistics go BANANAS because that one person has shared your piece in their vehement disagreement. I am there now, and I am personally loving the boost in stats to my site. So really, I am truly thankful for my haters, as we should all be when they help advertise our work … [Read More...]

They Say…

They say that life takes you on some incredible journeys. Journeys of love, journeys of despair, journeys of sheer blissful happiness. Journeys that take all the energy your soul can summons to make it through till' the end. I've been on some incredible journeys myself. Every one of them being a learning experience to last my lifetime. And, how long does a lifetime last exactly? Until what age … [Read More...]

My Cape Cod Top 5 Places and Spaces!


Being a native Cape Codder, I am usually asked what I love most about my hometown. I have many answers- I love being 5 minutes away from the beach. I love the smell of salt air mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass. I love being able to walk outside my backdoor to a backyard where my children can play about freely. I love the friendly spirit in my neighborhood, and the … [Read More...]