THE LITHIUM TRIBUNE- Inspiration and Saggy Bits


I turned another year older on Sunday. A whole entire year where I survived that crazy voice in my head that screams at me to JUST KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU'VE GOT THIS! DON'T YOU FREAKING GIVE UP! Yeah, that very voice that I want to punch in the face but can't because voices are faceless, and in a somewhat multiple personality disorder way, that very voice dragged me through some … [Read More...]

Restaurant Delivery on Cape Cod, by Cape Delivery LLC.

food delivery

It goes without saying that Cape Cod is.......lacking quite a bit when it comes to convenience. As a Mother of two young children there are certainly days that I come home and the last thing I want to do is stand over a stove and cook. Short of pizza and subs, and the occasional dabble of restaurants who offer a bit more, there just aren't many diverse restaurants that deliver. Alas, Cape Cod … [Read More...]

THE LITHIUM TRIBUNE- Day 2-4: Self Defense & Humility

self defense

YOU CAN READ DAY #1 HERE DAY 2-4: I took the time to sit outdoors in this beautiful weather we are now having to reflect. Which is amazing because I never really take the time to reflect on anything. I am a take the bull by the horns kind of girl. I engaged in a verbal dispute, in which I was provoked, and told a postal employee to shove his mail up where the sun didn't shine (aka- his ass). I … [Read More...]

THE LITHIUM TRIBUNE- Day 1: The Reincarnation of Me.

DAY #1: TODAY I Did my nails. Got my eyebrows waxed because they have been bothering me. And, of course, I let them bother me just to torture myself. Waved to a random stranger and smiled. The gesture was not reciprocated, but I am confident in my next attempt. Maybe next time I will try the middle finger- that seems to get more of a response where I live. Made conversation with a … [Read More...]

What Happens when you take Technology away from your Kids.


What happens when you take technology away from your children? Life. Life Happens! They start playing with their toys again, and they start playing together. The whine less, and ask less, and depend on less. They share better, communicate better, and are overall more eager to get outside. They Explored More Sought More Adventure They Looked for Opportunities to Find the … [Read More...]