My Cape Cod Top 5 Places and Spaces!

Being a native Cape Codder, I am usually asked what I love most about my hometown. I have many answers-

I love being 5 minutes away from the beach.

I love the smell of salt air mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass.

I love being able to walk outside my backdoor to a backyard where my children can play about freely.

I love the friendly spirit in my neighborhood, and the people.

Winters are tough on Cape Cod, but spring, summer, and fall make it all up to us, especially when it comes to my favorite places on the Cape. Below are my Top 5 Favorite Places & Spaces on Cape Cod.

The Brewster General Store in Brewster, MA


The Brewster General Store is your everyday Cape Cod classic experience. Chock full of penny candy, toys, housewares, souvenirs, clothing, and a whole bunch of odds and ends. Children love it, and adults love the nostalgic experience- it’s a win/win situation.

The Fort Hill Trails in Eastham, MA


The Fort Hill Trail area offers a variety of low key to moderate trails to hike on. Quite popular in the warmer months for their stellar views, the trails can be a bit busy and parking is limited. Hiking, of course, is free and these trails make a wonderful alternate activity on days that may not make the best beach days.

Drummer Boy Park in Brewster, MA


Known for it’s size, amazing views, and one of the best playgrounds for children, Drummerboy park is the ultimate freebie on Cape Cod. There always seems to be something happening at the park on the weekends during the in-season, like craft fairs, and free band concerts, and it’s a great place to throw down a blanket for a picnic.

Coast Guard Beach. Eastham, MA


Big surf, gorgeous sands, and plenty of sunshine. Coast Guard Beach in Eastham is the ultimate beach haven getaway. Shuttle service takes you from the parking area and to the beach, so no need to worry about parking, there is plenty! All you need is a beach towel, sunscreen, and plenty of beach food and you have yourself a full day of cool relaxation. Don’t forget your surfboard! You’ll need it here!

Provincetown, MA


Provincetown, MA is the liveliest and most diverse experience on Cape Cod. Chock full of great food, amazing people, and awesome shopping, Provincetown can’t be missed. Spring and summer are the best times for a day trip to P-Town, and bring those walking shoes! You may also want to consider a Whale Watch excursion while you’re there.

Now that I’ve shared my Cape Cod Top 5 Places and Spaces, do you think you’ll be visiting soon?


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  1. Lauren says

    I had to smile at this list, as 3 out of the 5 are familiar to me from my childhood visits. I am bringing my husband and kids up this summer, and cannot wait to reacquaint myself with the Cape after over 20 years. We walked to the Brewster store, body surfed at Coast Guard beach, and went on whale watches out of P-Town. I can’t wait to do the same with my family.

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