Haters Bring the Traffic…

If you’re a long time blogger, you’ve been there before. You post a piece and someone doesn’t agree with you, and in turn your statistics go BANANAS because that one person has shared your piece in their vehement disagreement. I am there now, and I am personally loving the boost in stats to my site. So really, I am truly thankful for my haters, as we should all be when they help advertise our work they disagree with-because that rakes in the numbers.

The piece in question was one I wrote well over a year ago regarding losing a friend during one of the most difficult times in my life. Click here to read the post. To summarize, my first pregnancy was a hard one. From a very early point I knew the baby growing inside me was ill, and a lot of my time and happiness dissipated because of that. My true friends stuck around for me, understanding that I was dealing with a very emotional situation, while other friends ran for the hills when I could not give them any time at all. So this post is really about losing a “friend” because they couldn’t deal with the fact that I had bigger, much more important things going on in my life at the time.

And these haters who are posting comments on that blog piece? I’m not approving their comments because half of them don’t make sense, and most of the people posting do not know how to spell. We live in a free world, with free speech-but I do not accept readership from internet trolls regardless of the insane boost in my numbers.

Call me all the names in the book you want, I’ve been called them all before. Disagree with me all you want, my point is still valid for other people who can relate. I only write to those who take a vested interest in grown up conversations. You don’t have to agree with me on everything, but you do need your grown-up underpants on if you want to elicit any sort of response from me.

And to my loyal readers, a much bigger THANK YOU goes out to you! I know that I have not been posting much, but when I do have the time- I try.

Have you ever dealt with a Hater? Regardless of if you’re a blogger or not, I’m pretty sure most everyone has. How did you deal with your anti-fan, so to speak?



  1. says

    Unfortunately sometimes people pop up out of nowhere to stir up drama or sometimes you get those don’t know how to express a different opinion without being nasty about it. It’s your blog, I don’t blame you for not giving rude comments the time of day! I don’t have a problem with anyone not agreeing with my view but I also won’t allow people to comment while being rude. Thankfully I haven’t had to deal with any nasty comments in a long time.
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  2. says

    It’s childish to leave hateful comments on any post and then to do it anonymously make me annoyed. I’m a firm believer you do not have to agree with everyone but you do have to respect them and their opinions. As for haters it’s sad to admit but yes i have and in my own family. Because I don’t believe the way they do or rise my son the way the seem to think I should i get a lot of disapproving comments. It’s all good I’ve learn that I don’t others approval to be happy. Now I’m off to read your post that started this as I’m relatively new here. “mauh”
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    The great thing about the Internet is that our reach is huge…but that also means we are “talking” to people that we would instinctively know better than to bother with if we saw them on the streets. I say SPAM the flamers and send them away.. It might make them so mad they will share your post again! Like Robin said, it is your blog, your opinion.. Write what you want.
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  4. Pam says

    I just went and read the post. Not one that I remember or had commented on. It was heartfelt and very real. As a mother, I totally understand it. I also think this can happen to other people besides mothers. I know many people that are caring for elderly parents and need someone to vent to. It is not a topic that is always welcomed either by those people that have not experienced the same situation.

    I think you are handling these “haters” exactly the right way. More power to you.

  5. says

    I definitely agree with you for not approving the rude comments! It’s your blog, so you can share your own opinions on here. At least you’re getting some traffic! Enjoy the stats boost and keep ignoring the haters!

  6. Amanda @ Erickson & Co. says

    Isn’t it funny how if you say things nice that people agree with they don’t comment or share, but if you say something controversial or that someone doesn’t agree with they will tell all their friends? When I worked in a sales job, during training they once said. If someone has a good experience with a company they might tell 2 or 3 people. If someone has a bad experience with a company they tell at least 15 people about it. The internet makes that a lot easier now.

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    We’ve all dealt with someone at one point in time who could be deemed a ‘hater.’ My ‘hater’ is a family member (sister in-law). At least w/a blog you know it’s going away at some point. In family…you’re just plain stuck. ;)
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  8. says

    Well, with so many blogs coming up, everyone has a space to vent and rant and tell stories from their point of view.
    I for one would rather blog than antagonize someone I have nothing in common

  9. says

    Great post. You are so right the haters do bring the traffic. I read you other post as well about losing a friend and that really sucks. I have experienced that all my friends stuck with me but most of them were military friends and we were all more like family since we had to defend each others behinds day in and day out there was really no getting rid of them….lol.
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