Stop & Shop’s Gas Rewards Program Giveaway!

If you shop at Stop and Shop you already know about the Stop & Shop Gas Rewards Program.  I drive a truck, so I am a HUGE fan of Stop and Shops Gas Rewards program-but you don’t need to drive a truck to make this program worth your while.

With Stop & Shops Gas Rewards, customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent using their Stop & Shop Card. For every 100 points accrued, customers earn 10 cents off per gallon of gas. For example: 500 points in your account gets you 50 cents off per gallon of gas. 1,000 points gets you $1.00 off per gallon of gas. Using your Stop & Shop card, customers can earn as much as s $2.20 off per gallon!

Customers can also earn bonus savings gas rewards by paying close attention to Stop & Shops weekly circular! Just look for the Gas Rewards gas can in your Stop & Shop flyer! See example below


To use your Stop & Shop Gas Rewards, simply drive your vehicle to the closest participating gas station, scan your S&S card, and fuel away!  There are several participating gas stations in my area,  I especially love the Stop & Shop Gas Station in Hyannis, MA.

It is with much appreciation that Stop & Shop has been kind enough to offer my readers a chance to win a $50.00 Stop & Shop gift card to use at Stop & Shop Owned Gas Stations!

Here’s How to Enter

Leave a comment on this blog post answering the following Questions:

1.) On average how much do you save at the pump using Stop & Shop’s Gas Rewards program?

2.) Why do you love the program?

3.) What Stop & Shop store do you typically shop at to earn points?

Terms & Conditions

Giveaway open to US Residents 18+

Contest runs 6/28/2013 to 7/4/2013. The winner of this giveaway will be announced on July 5th, 2013.  Please come back on July 5th for the winners announcement, or sign up for my alerts here. *You will not receive my alerts  unless you click on the verification email sent to you shortly after you sign up.

If the winner does not claim their prize within 48 hours of announcement, a new winner will be chosen.

Stop & Shop is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received a gift card to facilitate this giveaway.



  1. Tammi Ferguson says

    I usually save at least $70 per fill up at the pump I save my points until I have a full $2.20 savings then get a full 35 gallons. I love gas points because that means I can save money! I shop at Orleans, Harwich and Hyannis stop and shops

  2. says

    On average I save about .60 a gallon—-which ends up being about $10-15. But I love it when I am able to rack up on the sales with the special stock items for the double and bonus points and I save between $1-$1.50 a gallon. I love gas points because I HATE paying for gas almost as much as I hate paying for groceries! It’s another one of those things that you HAVE to spend money on (like everything else in life-right?). I shop at the Harwich Store 99% of the time. :)

  3. Liza Glick says

    I shop at the S&S in Warwick, RI and I love the program because I usually get like 40 cents off a gallon, that is huge!!!

  4. Nancy DellaPosta says

    1. When with my husband we average at least 30 cents but usually more!
    2. We love the program because we are able to spend more money on our grand kids since we are saving at the pump every week.
    3. Mashpee ma is our favorite store

  5. says

    I save anywhere btw 30 and 1.00 off a gallon. My fave part of the program is obviously all the money you save however I think there should be more gas stations for it across the region. And I shop at both Falmouth and mashpee stores.

  6. Dawn S says

    I live the s&s gas regards because living on Long Island where the price of everything seems higher, every last dollar of savings helps. I save my points up and get gas once a month at shell because I don’t have a local Shell near me. I drive a few towns over so I get gas when I head north west from where I live. I usually save anywhere from $.40 to as high as $.80. That’s a savings if $12-18 a fill up. If I pass a shell sooner I fill up. We are taking an out is state trip next month. I look forward to finding a stop and shop gas station while I’m away. I usually shop at Smithtown store in NY. Thanks S&S for all the savings. I’ve saved about $150.00 since gas rewards started. :) YAY!

  7. Danielle T says

    i save a few cents off per gallon using my S&S card, i love the program bc any savings is better than none! I fill up in vernon CT

  8. Jillian says

    I save about 50c a gallon.I think its a great program because there really is no other way to save on gas. I live in MA, so I basically shop at whatever location is convenient. I’m always busy and on the go- I don’t really have a set store to shop at.

  9. Marie says

    I save anywhere from 1.50 a gallon to the max at 2.20 per gallon. I have a BIG family and shop a lot, so it’s very easy for me to accrue points quickly. I shop at the Hyannis location and really don’t think I could live without the gas rewards program. It’s a Godsend.

  10. Annie says

    Long time reader! It’s awesome that you are doing a giveaway for a store on Cape Cod!!! Anyways……I save about 30 or 40 cents per gallon. Im really not good in saving my points, I like to use them right away. I typically shop at the Orleans location here on the Cape.

  11. Sarah says

    Hmmm….usually save about a buck per gallon. I like the program because its unique and because it saves me money. I shop at the Harwich MA location.

  12. Dory says

    I shop at Marstons Mills, I love it there. I save upwards of about $1.50 per gallon. SOmetimes more sometimes less……it all depends.

    I do like the program, every penny saved is a penny saved!

  13. says

    On average how much do you save at the pump using Stop & Shop’s Gas Rewards program?

    TO tell you the truth, I have not used the Stop & Shop program and it looks like I should be using it!
    2.) Why do you love the program?
    Anyway to save money seems like a great program.
    3.) What Stop & Shop store do you typically shop at to earn points?
    I usually shop at the Stop and Shop in New Rochelle, NY.

  14. Theresa Townsend says

    I love Stop and Shop gas points I normally save $1.80-$2.20 per gallon of gas.

    The rewards program is great and the only real way to save at the gas pumps.

    I frequent Orleans Ma Stop and Shop

  15. Rachel Anderson says

    This is the 1st week I’ve done the rewards program and saved .40 per gallon, not a bad start! I love the program because its easy to do and there is a participating gas station on my husband’s way to work, so its convenient to use. I usually shop at the Milford, NH location.

  16. Sara Dent says

    i usually save between .30 and .50 per gallon. i used the Hyannis Stop n Shop.I love the program because the store does all the work keeping track of the points ;)

  17. Kimmi Monteiro says

    I usually save about .90 per gallon. I love the gas point program because you are saving money on gas that is already the cheapest in town or at least matches the cheapest in town. I mostly shop at the Long Pond Stop N Shop in South Yarmouth.

  18. rachel gregoire says

    I love the stop and stop gas reward program. Especially when I drive a big car and have a large family. I typically save $60-$70 on a fill up when I save my points to $2.20 off a gallon. I get to use the savings towards something for my kids. I like to fill up at the stop n shop gas station in Hyannis. I shop at the Harwich and Orleans stop n shop mostly for all my groceries.

  19. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I shop at the Stoneham stop n shop. Sometimes I save 30-40 cents a month and I like that I earn points on everything I buy, not just certain items.

  20. Helen L.DeHaro says

    I save 20-30 cents/gallon. 2) Easy way to save money . The S&S gas station is not that far from home and most importantly my car uses premium gas. 3) Stony Creek, Branford CT
    Helen L.DeHaro recently posted…Hospital Follies.My Profile

  21. says

    The most I’ve ever saved is 60 cents, but generally I save about 30 cents. In the S&S flyer at my post office there is typically a “bonus” coupon for an extra 30 cents if you spend $50. I love getting those! It’s a great program, you have to eat so you may as well buy your food at S&S and save on gas, too!

    I generally shop at the new Hyannis location, but certain items I have to buy in Orleans.
    Emily recently posted…Spin Into Action with Champions for KidsMy Profile

  22. Melissa says

    When I actually make it to a S&S has station, I typically save about 20-30 cents per gallon. I love the program because I am cheap, hate putting gas in my car and primarily shop at S&S for my groceries (and kitty food). I most often shop at S&S in Orleans MA.

  23. Thomas Murphy says

    I save about 30-40 cents per gallon with the rewards program. I love the program because I love to save money on gas. I shop at the reading, MA store.

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